As promised, More Girls (NOT work safe)


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Jan 5, 2005
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Enjoy, comments appreciated.
what's not work safe about these? Granted, I guess I wouldn't want my boss sneaking up behind me while I'm looking at them, but then again, I want my boss to believe I work ALL the time :p
she looks abit uncomfortable on the last one, but apart from that very nice
Why would these be "not work safe"?
There's nothing to see!
All is hidden beneath a BLACK bra under a white t-shirt.
Hmph... even as a female I must say: photos like this should be taken with a braless model.

You did these at night, but without tripod, didn't you? I think they all have some camera shake (or should my eyes be playing tricks on me?). Next time take a tripod, and let the model not bring her bra... :wink:
I guess the bra keeps things decent in the eyes of the local police, having a model cavorting with a wet t shirt & no bra might be seen as pssing the bounds of public decency?

Nice shots though, I like the effect.
I was using a tripod but given that the water is very cold she was shivering a bit. We had enough of a crowd gathered as it was so lack of a bra might have made things get a little crazy :)

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