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    First, i'm sorry if i posted this in the wrong section. I was going to post this in the Buy & Sell section but since i don't really want to sell it here(not really into shipping and all that, just prefer to do it locally) i wasn't sure if it would fit or not. Anyway basically i have an assortment of photography stuff that's probably 20+ years old, i was just wondering if anyone had an idea of what the stuff would go for, or if there was even a market for it. I went into a camera shop today and they an assortment of old cameras and stuff but since i had actually gone in there for something else it totally went over my head to ask also my parents just reminded me that they had all the crap downstairs and upstairs(it was there's, not mine but said i could sell most of the stuff and put it towards a lense or something.)
    Anyway most of the good stuff my dad had taken into some camera place a few years back and sold it and the other good camera stuff got stolen(damn i would have liked to keep the Roloflex and Leica actually i probably would have kept it all!) Anyway since all the bodies are gone we have no use for the actual accesories so basically we have an assortment of miscellanaous stuff that belongs to different kind of cameras and dark room stuff. Some of the stuff i have no clue what they are(beyond my time i asked my parents about some a lot of it for models but they forgot most of it) so im just going to describe what it is or post a picture and hopefully someone can give me an estimate. Anyway i will shut up now and post the stuff.

    #1. Royal Closeup Lens 52mm No.3 Coated Lens Made in Japan
    C-N.P.S. Polarizer 52mm
    C-N.P.S. Colormix R-G 52mm Japan

    That's what all the writing on that lens says, sorry i have no idea what camera that will go for i will post pictures in a sec.

    #2 Voigtlander
    Lens Hood/ Parasoleil
    Made in Germany

    Again no idea what that goes with either, my mom says it may be from an old camera of my Grandpa's but he most likely doesn't have it anymore. Unknown type as well. Will post pics in a sec.

    #3 Sony Wide Conversion Lens XO.7 VCL-0746C Made in Japan

    Pics to come

    and more stuff i will post later....

    Most of the other stuff is Lens filters and, oh, an image enlarger or something like that. It's a Vivitar IV(6) and it has a lens which is a Rodenstock Rogonar -s (geussing that's the name but if not the number on the side are 1:2.8, 4, , 5.6, 8, 11, 16.

    I have pics of everything but i just havent uploaded them to my computer yet because im lazy but i will do it in a few.

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