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Discussion in 'Photojournalism & Sports Gallery' started by The Why Not Guy, Jul 17, 2006.

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    My theater group had rehearsal tonight and a photographer from the newspaper came to take photos (that's him in the background). I took advantage of professional lighting to snap this photo. It's sort of half photojournalism and half photo of photojournalism.

    Exposure - 1/50
    ISO - 1600
    Aperture 6.3

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    Interesting concept, the "half photojournalism/half photo of photojournalism" :D.

    You have some blown-out areas from the bright stage lights ... when I (only once ever in my life, and not having a clue at what I was doing) took pics of a performance on stage, I realised that anything above 1/200 sec. was too bright, since the camera measured so many dark areas around the spotlit ones and added all of that together, giving me "correct" exposure that ended all incorrect. So that was the only time I ever set my camera to exposure-priority - and henceforth ignored all my camera's "too dark" warnings ... which was wise, I found out.

    But my ramblings here don't mean your photos is wrongly exposed - only am I seeing the blown out bits from the bright stage light.

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