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Oct 1, 2005
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Not bad at all. the 3rd image is just "floating" in 3D.
Just a little bit of fish humor. Awesome work.
The first one seems a bit grainy to me, but I really like the second one. Looks like a lot of fun!
I quite like the first, too, because it gives us some context and lets us see that this aquarium, interestingly, leads us through the water as if we walked at the bottom of the sea ourselves, with water and fish all around us. I like this concept and instantly want to go to that very aquarium now, too. Where is it?
I am sure it was taken at 1600 iso so no flash would be required, and was then not put through NeatImage. This is what you get...

I agree with Santos on the "best would be no detail in the people" ... if those were only silhouettes, it would be better.

And yes, the eye in focus would have been perfect for the last, but hey, don't I know myself only too well how difficult it can be to always meet the focus in the very right spot with moving subjects (such as birds, and here it is fish)!?!?! I do.

I so want to go to this aquarium now!!!
Updated nr2, I had to agree on the silhouettes... Looking for a way to reduce noise in nr1.

This is Burger's Zoo in Arnhem in the Netherlands, not so far from the German border. They have a website: wich is pretty bad. A google picture search on Burgers Zoo will give you a better impression. Next to their Ocean world, Burger's Bush is very impressive. That's a giant indoor artificial rain forrest with birds flying over your head. Tip: bring a telelense if you go there ;)
I like all of them, but I think #2 would be my fav if some foreground were cropped away. Thanks for posting anyway.

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