attempt at sunrise *chuckle*


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Jun 27, 2003
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my hubby was so gung ho the past couple of days about getting a photo of the sunrise ... the problem is, he's not a morning person :lol: ... i got up about 6 am (which i do everyday) ... nudge my hubby (while in dream land :p ) .... "honey, what time did u say the sun rises?" ... he groans, "6am, oh sh$# ... what time is it?" ... he jumped out of bed, grabbed his pants and cam... im standing there in awe and utter confusion, i've never seen him jump out of bed that fast for anything :shock: ... so i grabbed my pants and cam and proceeded to follow.

we walked a mile to the pier ... waited a few minutes ... couldnt see the sun through the thick haze and clouds ... after a while, we figured the "sun" had already come up, it was just buried beneath the clouds :? ... anywho ... its cloudy outside and we didnt get the shot ... the only thing i got was this boring tower and a cranky hubby with no coffee :eek:

waiting in despair......


in case anyone wants to know ... i used a wide angle lens at 90° ... 2 shots and panaramic stitching vertically ... f5.6 1/10 ... iso 100 with 6500k white balance and lots of photoshop work to make it look halfway decent :lol:
Cool shot Dew!
The panorama stitching is very good too. I also like the way you added the person on the bench to the shot. It makes you look at the whole picture and not just the tower.
The only problem i see is...and it's not your fault either...that guys arm! It looks like it's fake! :)
that's my hubby :lol: ... that arm is real and untouched up.. he was playing with his goatee (like he always does :p ) ... and all he could say was, "i need my coffee, where is the coffee shop?" ... lol

the things i did in photoshop was to touch up a little of the edges from the panarama stitching (which was minimal, excellent software) ... change it to b&w, touch up the black circular edges that a lot of wide angle lens leave, sharpened it and saturated it a bit, but that arm is real ... *scouts honor* :lol:
Sorry Dew :oops: I didn't recognise him without the blue hair :)

I did think it was real, just that it has a slightly different shade to the rest of the arm. Must really need his coffee though as he is even going through the motions of putting something to his lips :lol:
thats ok, u wouldnt have recognize me with a scarf on my head and no make-up :shock: ... you would have mistaken me for the neighborhood bum :lol:
Well if you and the old man ever get over to Oz, look us up and i'll make sure you get some sunrise piccies taken...and some coffee :)

This is where i live, just to tease you a little..............

Freud would have a field day with the symbolism of this pic taken in the morning.
i would like to get a few sunset shots, im just not a real gem at "darker" shots :lol: ... but its the perfect challenge for me ... i love a good challenge :D
this was my attempt at a sunset... for i too cannot find a 'morning' in the day.. ;) :D

captain-spanky said:


taken at a recent dragracing show, in a VERY peaceful moment after the dragracing stopped and just before the much anticipated evening entertainment - 'the quiet before the storm' :D :D :D :D

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