Attempted first try at Night. One Pic.


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Jan 29, 2012
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Like I said, this was m first attempt to shoot at night. And night it was, it was basically pitch black out and impossible to focus. But I think with the light trails it came out looking cool for my first try.

Any thoughts??? I hate the sky...

It's alright, but nothing has any relation to anything in the photo. I suppose you've learned a bit about long exposures and light trails, but that's it.

Also, my opinion on night shots is that it should look like it's night time. This one doesn't.
I hate the ties to the wheels of the cannon... ruins the moment for me. :lol:

Guess it's not the first canon to ruin a photo though. Haaaa
Well, you definitely shot a cannon with your Canon! :)
How do you focus if you are in the pitch dark

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