Attn Quiz players

Sure Rob, I'd be pleased to help you out with that.... The maximum number of points, to the winner of the daily games, is the same as the number of players. So if there are 14 players, the top spot gets 14 points etc. Ten is not the maximum number of points. :p

(*Rumours that I'm sleeping with the judges are false.*) :biggrin:
the points are based on how many people play in the game... If you get first place and there were 15 contestants, you get 15 points... the top ten players get more points than anyone else.

i'm bummed, i completely forgot to play this weekend... i dropped from 3rd to 7th overall! :grumpy:

edit: sorry for the duplicate explanation, she beat me to it... she's just too fast, that's why she always wins!!!
All I know, is...Im never gonna win.:grumpy: But I keep plodding along. :mrgreen:

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