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Dec 27, 2015
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hey guys,

I'm going to make some sort of background song. It'll be instrumental and the song will use pots, pans, spoons that sort of stuff. But the problem is, the sound quality on my DSLR when recording audio is not good.

Is there anyway I can improve the audio quality? I'm a bit of a noob to it all.. So are there any settings to use? Or some sort of equipment. I don't want to spend much. But it doesn't matter, just what can I do to get this audio decent.

Equipment, settings, etc

you can buy a shotgun mic which mounts on your camera which is the cheaper way to go . Plus then you'll have a mic for the future. for you can get a cheap usb mic and record into your computer or a cheap mic that will plug into your Iphone. really anything is better than the camera mic.
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I agree, an external mic will help the most.

I had picked up some mics (SM58's and SM57's and wireless) and a small sound mixer years ago and it makes it so much easier to get some good recordings. Some people like to use an omnidirectional mic for live sound recording of the entire location (instead of a mic on each instrument). You can go straight from the mixer to the camera with the sound as your filming. I've gone straight to my cell phone from the mixer and it makes a huge difference when people watch the video.

If you have to go portable then the shotgun mic is the better option, although decent ones can be over $200. Have a friend that uses the Sure VP83. Usually these are highly directional, so you can't have the instruments spread all over the place.

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