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    Howdy, a newbie here.

    I have a Minolta 430si that just got a new to me Quantaray 28-90mm lense from Ebay. It is replacing my old Quantaray 28-80mm which suffered from broken mounting ears.

    Anyhoo, with the new lense on, the camera almost always jumps into manual focus mode even though I can't manually focus the lense. It randomly will jump too and from auto focus but usually goes right to manual when I'm ready to snap a shot.

    About 80% of the time, it won't let me take the picuture whether it is in focus or not (auto or manual). Pushing the auto/manual switch usually does nothing.

    I noticed that the new lense has eight electrical contacts to engage the camera's 8 contacts. My old lense only had five, so I tried taping the extra 3 just to see if it made a difference. It did not.

    Any clues?


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