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Jan 26, 2007
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Hi all, I wouldn't post this question anywhere else but I will post it here respecting the folks that read this section.

My current avatar is of a cat that my wife and I rescued back in the mid 90's and kept until she died of old age. Hell, it seems that most every living thing in my house is a rescue. -dogs, cats, lizards, various teeenagers and so on-

So, when do you let it go? Heck the cat wasn't anywhere near my favorite- just the most photogenic. If anyone cares her name was Pippen -named after a roller coaster in memphis that was Elvis's favorite. (yes, I do in fact have corroborating evidence, a bud of mine still bemoans having traded his Cadillac From "E" in for a Jag).

Anyway you guys let me know, should I keep her or find some time and go get another.
I don't normally read this section, it just happened to be in the Active Topics list, so I may not be one of those whom you are respectfully seeking opinions from.
I'm also not really clear on what your question actually has to DO with film, or medium & large format...but...

Are you asking when to let it go and choose a new avatar?

Or when to let it go and get another cat?

Oh well...doesn't matter. The answer is, whenever you're ready.

My favorite cat died when he was 24 years old; I'd had him since he was about 13 weeks. His name was Jaspar, and he was a dog in cat's clothing. :lmao:
After he died, I really didn't want another cat--even though I had NEVER been without a cat, in my entire life.

Then the kids got old enough to want cats...so I got cats. THEY are now old (well, one died last year from a stroke--the other is about 16 though). Then we got a "kitten" a few years ago...it's now 5. I love them, I really do...but they ain't Jaspar.
I could live pretty happily, I think, if my boys suddenly found themselves in a position to take the cats. But the truth is, at some point, I'd probably end up with another one.

At what point is it "right?" I don't know. For me, it was based on what my kids wanted.

OTOH: If you're just asking whether it's time to change your avatar...then ignore all my sappy reminiscing...Yes, change your avatar.
Why? Because I just recently ended up bowing to peer pressure and changing mine, so everyone else should have to deal with the change, too. :biglaugh:
Get one of these:

Oh well...doesn't matter. The answer is, whenever you're ready.

And sometimes just before since sometimes you have to push yourself just a little to be ready again instead of leaving things on pause forever.
As for the avatar its your choice, maybe try something new and just see how it feels; you won't be forgetting the cat (heck I'm sure you've more shots and bigger better ones to remind yourself :)).
Nobody can answer that except you. I've lost two so far. The first one was sometime during the night of January 1, 1990 and the second at 9:00pm on April 7, 2006. Obviously I'm not ready to let go yet, and probably never will be.
Nobody would know it's an older picture - but of course we do now! LOL Keep it if you like it, but if you're asking maybe that means it's time for a change. You don't have to get rid of the photo altogether of course, maybe you could use it another way.

If you're going to develop your own film then I'd keep cats away - dust is annoying enough to clean off negatives, I don't want to think about cat hair...
I'm a sucker for a green-eyed tabby, so I personally enjoy your current avatar. But it's not all about me ;)

Perhaps the fact that you're thinking so much about it suggests that deep down, you already know you're ready for a change but feel guilty about 'abandoning' either Pippen or the picture. Or maybe that's just me projecting. I think if I let my living cats (Zelda and Mrs. Parker) play with my dead cat's (Gomer Pyle) favorite toy, I'd be betraying him somehow. I'm sort of warped that way :er:

But if she wasn't your favorite cat and you don't have a particularly strong attachment to her, then I'd go with a different picture.

If you're going to develop your own film then I'd keep cats away - dust is annoying enough to clean off negatives, I don't want to think about cat hair...


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