still being picky Vicky
Feb 21, 2005
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You know what I wish...... I wish we could upload any size photo for our avatar and the magical world that is vB would magically resize it to whatever measurements it's meant to be.

And plus, I really wanna change my avatar to this:

I'm sick of picking my nose. :-(

[/ pathetic, exhausted rant]
I disagree, I have seen countless forums with unlimmited or unstalbe avvy size allowances, and they all look absolutly horrible with avvies the size od New Jersey in one post and one some thing smiley sized in the next.

Or are you refering to an auto resize feature, If so I don't think vB supports it but I could be wrong, but I se no problems if they do.
auto resize.

I agree with you, I can't stand it when they're all different sizes

I was just having a whinge, that's all.. coz I'm lazy. :)
I have seen totally pixellated avatars on here, which looked like some auto resize went to work from a much bigger sized photo, and the outcome was not satisfactory. So it is easier to downsize your avatar until you meet the requirements in your own computer and then upload it. That may mean you have to reduce it to being 99x99px in size and save it at only 8 or even lower, though with the photo you are suggesting, you might NOT need to save at as low as that, I don't know. You would have to try... I am sure the outcome is nicer than if some auto resize function puts itself to work.
Hey Meysha, I didn't know you had a beard! :greenpbl:

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