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AW100 Worth Fixing?


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Dec 3, 2015
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I have an AW100 that has a dent on the front plate (?) and now the whole thing appears to be separating from the camera and I can see sand particles under there. Is it worth mailing off to get it repaired (can they even repair it? will it cost me more than a new one?). It still takes photos just fine, but I'm worried it's no long water proof, which is my main reason for owning it. Pictures are trying to show front plate coming away from the rest of the camera.


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If the front plate is separating it's kind of obvious that it isn't waterproof anymore.

Is it still under warranty ?
You can post a question directly to NikonUSA on possible repair cost. you'll probably have to open an account (free) to do so.
No warranty.

When I went through the Nikon site (opening an account and all that jazz) it said it couldn't give me a quote and to just send it in...
they're selling in used, as-is condition from $75 to $160 on ebay.

with Nikon USA you are paying parts, labor and return shipping. I think you may be better off getting a used one off ebay.
Thanks. I've never sent something in to get repaired and figured it was probably not cheap, figured the people here would know. Thanks again!
Super glue.
Followed by a coat of two-part epoxy. Use the bathtub to test.

(Just kidding)

They usually charge a flat fee for out of warranty, but I couldn't begin to guess what on that model.
I'm guessing its just the face plate that's loose--the part they make in different colors to make it pretty--and the actual sealing is done on the case underneath. If sealed components are not screwed on tight then that's just stupid. Its probably still waterproof--but I don't promise.

If you test it, do so in distilled water. Then you can probably revive it if it leaks (but I don't promise). Best to leave out the battery and card for the test since you can.

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