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Jan 28, 2012
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I have lots of pictures to process. Usually I use DCE AutoEnhance to automatically clean the pictures, enhance the color of the pictures and
improve the faces of the different types of people in those batch pictures. That software can automatically remove the wrinkles and all that.
In short, it makes them look a few years younger.

Now do you guys know any other software that's a lot better than that? Because DCE AutoEnhance is a bit outdated now.

I use iPhoto for Mac.

I like to choose the edits pic by pic, rather than as a batch, sometimes the software goes overboard.
No doubt, Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the undisputed most AWESOME. You can record your own actions, use scripts, or develope your own droplets. CS5 includes both Bridge and Camera Raw which both have awesome batch processing capabilities.
For general post processing, I use Adobe Lightroom. For the more detail/photo changing activites, I go with Gimp.
If you are a student, you can get MASSIVE discounts on the Adobe software (Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements etc). Like 80% off retail price.
oh yeah, I just got the CS5.5 production suite for about $350 to put on my new MacBook. It's a REALLY good deal. With Adobe stuff, you do actually have to have a .edu email address to use the software (or some other proof that your a student or teacher). I know Microsoft Office Student edition has always just installed like any other version of office
Picnik! It's a must for all serious photographers.
I have used ReaJPEG Batch Processing Software, While I have a bunch of Images for editing or convert. With the help of this software we can edit a lot of photos at once.I think it's really helpful to you. With the ReaJPEG Batch Process mode you can editing photos and convert a lot images at once. You should use this mode when you want to apply exactly the same image processing to all these images. Or you just want to do the mass conversion without any processing at all.

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