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Nov 15, 2005
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After my birthday i have money... goood.... but what should i buy??

the shorlist..

Mp3 Player
Save for 1 year and get EOS 350D
Lenses :D
Something else...

Suggest something..
save :] I know it's hard...I'm saving for 8 months now... since the meetup... and haven't saved yet :p
What do you want to do with an EOS 3, that you can't do with your EOS 3000?

Don't get we wrong, the EOS 3 is one of best 35mm cameras around....but it's just a box to hold the film. Go for a new lens.
EOS 5000
introduced 1995 - discontinued 1999

Canon's entry-level AF SLR, with a full range of AF and other automatic features, but no manual control. Not sold in USA or Japan. Sold in Asia as the EOS 888.

OK, I see...Well maybe an EOS 3 would be a nice step up.
That's a PRO body though, might you be just as happy with an ELAN (EOS 33, 30 etc)?
duncanp said:
ill look into it...

thanks :D

While you're there you should look into putting a deposit on a DSLR. It sounds like that might be what you really want. You're gonna regret wasting the money on something that you're gonna have to pay more money to use.

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