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Sep 2, 2010
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I have chemicals to develop my own B&w but iam wondering if there are b&w films that can be dropped off at local photo centers, centers that usually only specialize in color. Basically what i am asking is, are there any b&w films that develop in color chemicals? I do enjoy the whole develop and then scan process but i think i would shoot a ton more if someone just developed for me.
Also would anyone know if these films are available in 100ft rolls?

I found an illford and kodak at free style for $6 and $7.60, a little on the high side, but if anyone knows if i can get 100ft rolls of this stuff it would be great.
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There are C-41 process B&W films - Kodak BW400CN, and Ilford and Fuji both make one, but I can't remember what they're called.

Those can be processed anywhere that does color film.

I seriously doubt you're going to find them in 100' rolls though. You'll likely only see 'real' B&W film in bulk.

You can send traditional B&W out to... Longer turn-around time though.
i think iam going to give them a try, does anyone one else use these?
I don't shoot a lot of C-41 films but I've used XP2 since the days it was called XP1.:)

It's a beautiful film and very versatile. The other films get rave reviews as well so I'm sure they're great too.
I've used a lot of BW400CN, but I prefer the grain of traditional B&W film... The C-41 stuff isn't bad though. Hell, Kodak even calls it a "Professional" film.

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