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Jan 18, 2006
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Port Angeles, WA
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I wish I could come up with a more creative name. At this point in the day I am not even going to try:)

And yes, this is the first photo I have posted in quite a long time. I just have not felt the interest to get out there recently.


Thanks for looking....
There's many very pleasing factors to this photo, like the fly, the droplets, and I also like the other daisy which looks as if it were ducking behind "the big sister" :).
Nice one.
A bit dark, the whites are on their way to grey, if this were mine, I'd tweak it a little, just so the droplets stay as clearly visible. Maybe you did and this was as far as you could go?
Actually, I did mess with it after I put the pic up. I will try and get that photo on my site soon...
Nice one, SoulRebel. Good to see you posting again (although I seem to recall seeing shots from a wedding that you took).
Oh thats right. Well.....its been awhile since I took shots that I actually enjoyed shooting. The wedding definately was not something I enjoyed. It was my cousins wedding and it was great and all....but its not my thing.

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