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Oct 29, 2007
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I will appreciate any comment, lately I have been shooting lots of children so any suggestion to make it better It's welcome.
I have never shot a child, so I'm not sure how valid my opinion is: but I think the shot would be better if the child was looking at the camera. With the child just looking off away, it makes it seem like the shot was just snapped, or at least it would if you couldn't see the portrait backdrop. The lighting is good though, I think. Again, take what I say about this with a grain of salt, I am by no means a portraiture expert, in fact...I know very little about portraits.
Shoot from a lower stance near the baby's eye level.

Light the background so you separate the baby from the background.

Diffuse the light so the shadows aren't as harsh.

:hug:: just to keep it friendly
Your subject is a cutie! :heart: Now, onto the technical stuff...

~eye contact is great, if you can get it. Sometimes they just *will not* cooperate with you.

~I agree with The_Traveler. Try to shoot at his level for a better portrait.

~Your WB may be off. It is looking very yellow to me; but I'm not on a calibrated monitor so take this comment with a big old grain of salt.

~I think you might need a slight contrast boost.
I don't want to sound insensitive but:

I agree with The Traveler. But, the problem that I've been running into is lighting the backdrop when the subject is so little and the prop has so many spaces. Without just rigging something up, what would you suggest?
I agree with most comments above but nobody as mentioned the background.

The Black sheet you have behind the baby is stealing the attention (not entirely but my eye is drawn to it). It's only job is to enhance the person in front of it.

Therefore you will need to get closer to the child and use a lower aperture creating a more shallow depth of field, If your shooting digital just keep dropping stops until it goes blurry.

I think this will improve the shot if combined with the comments above.
I would have taken it from maybe the level of the rocking horse's head looking slightly upward. And I find the backdrop distracting. Use a lower aperture so the background will be more blurry, try to get the baby to be the major focal point
iron the background!! nd try moving the lights/subject away from the background to get a more black backdrop.
Iron\steam or throw the backdrop in the dryer, those creases are terribly distracting me from the cutie! I too would like to see him looking at the camera; as well as (previously said) the camera angle is too high for my taste. The colours and lighting seem nice from what I see..

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