HAHA. A girl on another forum I post on posted that a few weeks ago with the message "I would totally kill myself if those were my kids..."
First time I saw that was over 5 years ago on 'AFV'. I smiled then, and I still smile today. Babies/kids just have a way of making you smile :biggrin:

Oh...that video won the $10K ;)
I defy anyone to watch that and not have a smile on their face. If they can, they're not normal.
I always love the sound of baby / toddler giggles .... all those sweet little belly laughs!
hey bace, that girl on the other forum wont have that problem ... God wouldnt give those sweet kids to anyone who wouldnt want them...i feel sorry for her, she has no idea the joy a child brings you..

jonmikal, i love this, i pulled in 8 women from my office, and we all laughed together over this.. you cant hear them laugh without joining in...

thanks for the web site, too..its hilarious...

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