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Baby Bella


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Dec 23, 2007
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Here is a photo I took last month, It was in color and I changed it to Black and white. Let me know what you think. I tried something new.

The shaft of light makes it look.... well almost creepy.... but no, thats not the right word for it...

Umm well im not to sure.
ha ha.. creepy not the desired effect
It is out of focus (see hair).
Composition isn't bad but this would be better in color. THe subject matter and the lighting don't make for a really successful BW
difficult to know if B&W is better without seeing the colour - but there is something about this picture that just does not seem quite right, but I cant put my finger on it - sorry!
The out of focus is where I tried to soften it to bring out her eyes. Let me show you the original. I guess this can be called a failed experiment. Thanks for all your input.

It's a shame the focus is not on her eyes, though you may be able to cope with that some by sharpening. You also need to do a better job of controlling the highlights during conversion. The black and white one could have been great. Give the processing another go and see how sharp you can get the eyes.
the blown out highlight on her face draws your eyes to her cheek. The softening of her face makes her eyes look like they have been cloned on imo.
So if the highlight wouldn't have been so harsh maybe her eyes could have been more of the focus.
The eyes aren't sharp enough, but it's not the fault of the highlight. The highlight makes the shot.
I prefer the colour version shown; What I find "creepy" about the photo is where the light lands across her face.. I understand the one half of her face more-or-less in shadows, the other in light.. but it makes her eyes TOO different and it seems quite off. Cute girl, it's just the lighting that throws me off.

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