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Apr 17, 2006
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queensland, australia
:heart: Here are some pics i took of my friends bubba yesterday.. borrowed the fabric idea off Shelley Snapz... the blue eye enhancements might be a bit too much ? !! xx Love to hear your views LOL xx






#6.. Her closest eye is blurred here - bumma, but liked the long lashes on other eye and the pose ? xx

Thanks for looking, and Shelley, thanks for inspiring xx
These are quite stunning I think. You should be proud of yourself and these shots. I might back off just a smidge on the enhancement but otherwise excellent work. How long have you been doing this if I may ask?
thanks guys!!! ive been a lover of photography forever but bought my first serious camera a couple of months ago...have been reading loads of books but actually learning more from you pros!! in the process of choosing my business name to register and will see how it all goes xx THANKS... and johnboy, was it just the eye-colour you were referring too??
you are really starting to show improvement jemmy.

I think #5 is the best, very nice., i also think it would work well in B&W.

i think you're going for the light, high-key-ish look, but be careful, You've got a couple of blown areas
I think these are precious...and really show your talent! I was actually going to say that the blue eye enhancement as well as the selective coloring in the b&w's is some of the most "realistic" I've seen. It doesn't look photoshopped at all to me. Sometimes people end up having these big blue circles with no color gradient or depth to the eyes when they try to do color enhancement and selective coloring. You did an excellent job!!
THanks again... just got home from a big 80s party, so this message is taking a hell of a time to write...(blame it onthe southern x_) IJ personally thought #5 was a bit 'yellowish?.....
THanks for the compliments Bowronfam xx I loved how the eyes came out but was usnsure if they were 'acceptable' ?!!.xxx
John MF.. any chance of you pointing out exactly where the blown out areas. are.... really tried not to get any. but now that i look again think i can see some... if you could, could you please circle all the blow-outs for me? xx Would be appreciated muchly...
Sorry guys, bad writing, thin,k i should go to bed NOW XXXX
PS... ALL my pics are OTE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
i admit i'm being a bit picky, but i found my eyes being drawn towards them


its just parts of the sheets
JohnMF said:
i admit i'm being a bit picky,

thanks,,, picky is good!!

but i found my eyes being drawn towards them


its just parts of the sheets

any hints on how to fix them???? I am going to spotlight thisarvo to try and find a new bit of white fur? to lay bubs on... this was just an ugly white matress protector i had in the cupboard... hated the way it looked so scrunched in the pics but anyway... xx thanks:heart:
they could have just appeared after your processing in PS. In which case the originals would be fine to work with from scratch, just keeping an eye on those areas as you do your conversion to B&W.

Getting familiar with the levels will help you get a good range of tones without blowing out areas

i suppose you could crop them out also

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