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Dec 14, 2003
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This had started out as another darkside gallery shot, but I changed my mind. This is the back door to a small church here, called St James. It was built in the late 1800's and is still in use. I have always loved the doors and the roof on this place.
Very cool! Love the colors and I can see why you like the door and roof!
love the architecture - nice hips and valleys in the roof assembly. the cut stone, dental blocking and arched openings in the wall tie it together nicely.

excellent composition Carl!

i see life and death in this shot ;)
That's a very cool looking old building, and that's a beautifully clear picture of it.
Very cool shot - I very much like the door and the stone work.:thumbup:
i agree with there post..pretty awesome..

i love the door..ahehehe great shot man!
beautiful shot, wonderful architecture! :D
nicely captured buddy, got good compo on this, well cropped too :thumbup:
great place for a wedding.... what great old buildings you have there...!!

this is a place i would love to see...

beautiful shot, chiller
Thanks so much for your kind words.
I have toured the inside of this place and it has the original carving upstairs and is stunning to see. I was not allowed to take pics at the time, but plan to this year. The basement has full crematorium facilities too, even though the church is so small.
Gaaaahhh!!!!!!!!! Why don't we have stuff like this here?!?!?!

Great find, Cannuck ... I'd beg and plead if I were you to hit the basement!

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