Back on the market for a new camera body!

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by tess_thereb, Nov 7, 2017.

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    Coming from pro Nikons (D1,D1h,D2x,D3x) for 15-plus years, to me the D610 has been a major disappointment in terms of its AF module and it total,overall AF performance; it just sucks compared to the D2x AF module and the AF module in the D3x.

    Just.Not.Dependable.In.The.Same.Way. Based on that, I'd say look into the D750. Here, D800 bodies are $795 to $895 in our largest brick and mortar store; loads of high-megapixelers are selling off their D800 bodies to fund D850 bodies! D800e at $1150-$1195.

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    The only Nikon FX camera I have used is the D810. So I have no comparison. Nevertheless I think it is a very special camera. Look around for a pristine used one. Many amateurs change cameras like underwear ensuring a constant supply of like-new used cameras. That would be my approach.

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