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Jan 30, 2004
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Santa Barbara, CA
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I had to get out this morning to the marsh. It was a wonderful warm morning, and I've been missing being out there. As I approached two heron flew in, and the dominant one attacked this one in flight and scared it off to the tree tops. I was able to get a nice point of view.


good light and composition........ well captured :thumbup:
it's amazing shoot!
PS: do you know Chinese? I saw the calligraphy on the corner
Thanks Archangel. :) Thank you Lionel. I don't speak Chinese or Japanese. The Kanji is Japanese for heron. (as far as I know. I googled it :p)
Awesome shot! Is that calligraphy? It looks like a face. :D A weird one. =P
Very nice picture, love the design elements. It looks like a chinese or Japanese painting.
Wow. Great picture, simply amazing. The calligraphy is the symbol for heron in chinese, though it's quite possible that is the same symbol in japanese.

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