Bad weekend for the Check book. Great weekend for Darkroom


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Jul 23, 2003
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Akron, OH
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I purchased an Ancient Argus 75 box camera. Woot. Now I need to know if anyone on this board has any old 620 spools for sale so I can respool some 120 onto it.

Also purchased an old Boger enlager. no easel but I'll get that. Gonna set up a dark room in my bathroom yet. :) What film should I get for home devloping first? ON second thought I will post that to a different thread.

Got enlarger and camera for 18 US. great. I love Flea Markets.
Very cool, Tyjax! It's fun spending money on photo stuff. :D

As soon as I shoot the second roll of 620 that I bought, I would have a third and spare spool I could send you. But if you don't want to wait, you could also order some 620 from That's where I got mine from. (Well there was one in my camera, but I needed another, of course...)
Has it been very difficult for you to respool 120 onto 620? Been reading some instructions on it and it seems like a bear. I was also wondering if 620 is considered medium format by the "Medium Format Gods"?
I haven't respooled any yet, it does sound arduous, but worth the price diff between buying the 620. (I paid like $9 a roll for 620, and I found 120 online for $1.99) I bought two rolls of 620 from that website, then figured I would begin respooling once I had the extra spools. I still haven't shot the second roll...

Yes, 620 is medium format.
your wife is gonna kill u if u set up that darkroom in her bathroom :p

checkbook workouts ... u only live once and you'll die with a smile on ur face 8)

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