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Dec 8, 2005
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West London, UK
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I popped along to The Hawk Conservancy here in the UK yesterday. Its a bird of prey centre out in the countryside. It was a great day out and I thought I'd share a couple of my favourite pictures from the day.

Not seen a Bald Eagle up this close before, beautiful bird! The first one is my favourite (and in fact my favourite picture of the day).


D200, 200-400 VR at 200mm, 1/125s at f5.6, ISO 200, using fence as a support.


D200, 200-400 VR at 220mm, 1/160s at f5.6, ISO 200, fence support


D200, 200-400 VR at 220mm, 1/180s at f5.6, ISO 200, fence support


D200, 200-400 VR at 220mm, 1/160s at f5.6, ISO 200, fence support

Vulture (this thing was H.U.G.E. I think they said it had a 15 foot wingspan, and it came in and flew about 2 foot over my head!)

D200, 200-400 VR at 200mm, 1/800s at f4.5, ISO 160

A couple of Black Kites: (veru hard to expose for I was finding)


They flew 5 at the same time and at the end of the show they fired food in the air for them to catch, I manged to get 3 of them:

And an outake, heavily cropped and not very sharp:

I missed out on a superb Barn Owl taking off from a post shot, I didn't think his wings were so big and one of them just goes out of frame! Very annoying.

Still, it was a great day out and I'll be going back again. They do special photographic days where you get a guided one on one tour - think I'll give that a go at some point! :)
I must stop browsingt this forum. I must.
All these good photos here, they --- they --- they fill me with so much awe and make me wish so I could be as good, but... Hmph.
Might show you the pics I took in a bird park a week ago, maybe, and if only so you can get a good laugh out of them...

The eagle portraits are --- stunning!!!
AWESOME!!!! Number 1 is incredible! I love bald eagles and these are superb!
wow! simply beautiful, Bald Eagles are awesome creatures! you've captured these perfectly.
Very impressive pics! And how cool it must have been to have the vulture fly so close to you.
TIM9G said:
WOW :hail: pic 1 is absolutely stunning!!!! I know where to go on my next sunny day off.


Well make sure you pick me up Tim :D I'll read the map as always.

Numbers 1 & 2 for me utterly brilliant
Silverpenguin said:
Thanks for the comments :)

Is there anywhere good in and around reading for wildlife?

Child Beale is ok but a bit small, We ( Tim9g & myself ) tend to go to either Marwell, Cotswold wildlife park or The LOndon Wetlands centre

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