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Jan 15, 2008
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Hello everybody, this is my first post here, c & c are welcome :)

It looks great except the girl in the middle...I feel sorry for her, she is really squished in there. Her pose just looks awkward. I think everyone else looks great...just she looks like she feels out of place.
I really like it! I bet they LOVE it!
Nice effective lighting. The girl does look out of place! She's hot!
Nice! Simple but effective. Good lighting and I like the texture on the wall a lot too. :) But as the others say.. The girl could need some more room in that sofa.
I think squishing the girl in the middle works honestly... she is "the fifth wheel"... so why not draw some attention to that?

I like it!
I like the smushed lady too...I think it conveys how it feels to be in a band with 4 guys
I think overall it is a great image but I agree with the rest who say the girl is really akwardly squished in there. For me it would look alot better if she sat up a little or even stood out from the rest of the people like did something like lean foreward a little it's just she is so much smaller than everyone else she is just hidden. I would imagine this would also be a matter of the dynamics of the band she could be just a bit player that just hides in the background but if you didn't want to draw attention to her why would you put her in the middle right??.
Thank you very much for comments :)
Why did i put her is in the middle, without shoes, and so bright ?
Just like JIP wrote: to draw an attention to her, she`s the singer and the band leader :)

KristinaS: a kind of pop punk, you can find some songs at

Garbz: what would you expect ? I mean some instruments ? Doesn`t make sense for me ...
Exactly you might have considered having the guys taking the same pose and having her, you know, leaning out and sitting on the edge of the couch to stand out a little more. Asi I said in general I think this is a great shot bu something like that might have made it alot better but wo knows somtimes a singer likes to fade into the rest of the band to try and give a little more credit and attention to the rest of the band.

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