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Banner with links


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Jan 21, 2007
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Bristol , UK
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Hi all ,

Would anybody be able to tell me how I could get a banner that has a link enbedded , so when the image is clicked it would link to my personal website.

I'm after something like Battou has in this thead

Ive already got a banner to use , but Im not sure how I can make it a link.

Hope someone can help

Thanks in advance

It's pretty simple.. Just host the banner on a website somewhere (Imageshack, photobucket..) and use this code in your sig: (Replace <'s and >'s with ['s and ]'s)

Thanks for the reply , but Im struggling to get it to work.

The site that I would the image to link to is http://sharp-shootin-photography.smugmug.com/

And the URL of the image I would like to use is http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa58/richardpinnock/Headersmall.jpg[/IMG***]

- *without the stars

Can anyone get the image with the hyperlink?

It would be appreciated if you could show me how its done.



so what you type is


and replace all the > or < with [ or ] facing the same direction
that works in the forum...but on a regular website would not work.

the proper code would be

<a href="http://sharp-shootin-photography.smugmug.com/"><img src="http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa58/richardpinnock/Headersmall.jpg></a>
right, I assume he meant to put it in his signature
Thanks for you're replies!

it is for my signature ,

there's a couple of other things....

is there an easy way to center the image?

also , I thought that the image is slightly too large, so I deleted the image that is hosted on photobucket , made the image smaller in photoshop , and uploaded it back up to photobucket (with the same name).

but the image in my signature is still the larger image I have before.

Any ideas what I have done wrong?

Thanks again.
use the url for the smaller/resized image? if you are it should not work that way
btw is smugmug a free site? I really like the way yours is set up
No its not free , Im paying £30 / $60 a year for the power account.

It also takes a lot of messing around with html and css.
The site would look a lot different by default, without any changes by html and css.

I spent hours trying to get it looking the way it is now, especially the front page.

Once its set up as you like it , adding photos or extra galleries is easy.

I would recommend SmugMug, if youre any good at html or dont mind learning, you can get it looking pretty professional (slideshows etc)

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