Barn & Playing with Frames


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Jan 24, 2006
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Took this picture yesterday on the way to a luncheon...
I wasn't sure if it would come out very well as I was travelling in our Jeep at the time. I played with it in Paint Shop Pro 8 and added the frame. All comments are appreciated!
the "tape" is highly distracting... the image is wonderful... i find myself wishing there was more of the structure in the frame, but the tree is awesome, and i love the white fence... could maybe use a touch more contrast, but it's great just the way it is too... nice shot... :thumbup:
It is a nice shot, but I gotta agree, the frame is distracting. Most pleasing frames are very simple and don't detract from the image at all, rather enhance it by 'popping' it out of whatever it's hung on (in this case the browser window).
Well done what with seeing the scene, recognising the frame (as in what-fits-into-the-photo) --- and leaving out the frame you had chosen at first. The make-believe sellotape corners distract far too much from what is a beautiful photo! And for capturing this while driving (ts! ts! ts!) ... :thumbup:
Neat. Yeah, I think that the tape frame would be better suited for a snapshot or some sort of simpler picture. Cool tree, though :)
I really like the picture (kudos for capturing it from a moving vehicle!) but echo the comments of others that I don't like the 'tape' frame on this type of shot.
Actually i like that the picture has a frame, but i think that the tape is a bit off putting, otherwise i would have kept it.

great pic even if i would prefere it framed with no tape :).


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