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May 4, 2013
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Well ok, the top of a barn really. It's HDR, but I'm looking for C&C on the composition as much if not more than HDR. This is only my second time attempting HDR. I did it using RAW files and PS.

What I know I did wrong: Low light without a tripod (literally lost by FedEx yet to be found) leading to a high ISO and too much noise.

What I think I should do different: Better angle to show more of the red silo structure, and remove the tree poking up in the back. Greater overexposure I feel could have helped with keeping the slats more visible.

I actually like the way the clouds wrap around the tree and the cupola.
Instead of going for more of the low red try instead cropping at the lower roofline and crop some of the clouds. i think it would be great as a wide 'scape' format picture.

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