Basement Room For Studio?!


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Feb 17, 2007
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Halifax, Nova Scotia
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I was curious to find out how big you believe a room needs to be to use it as a studio?? How should I set it up to be the most beneficial space wise... any help would be great!!!!
The likely problem would be ceiling height. If you have a large umbrella or softbox, it will hard or impossible to get it above a standing or even a sitting model, if your ceiling is too low.

It can be done...but I'd prefer to work in an area with a higher ceiling that most basements.
I was doing my first portraits in the garage, which was HELL. The ceilings were 9 feet tall, and still made it hard to move the umbrellas around. Now, in my new location, the ceilings are 12 feet tall and soooooooooo much nicer! :) What is the ceiling like? You could bounce the light off of it, instead of an umbrella. I did that for a couple of photos and was surprised at how well it worked.

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