Basil Plant in my Kitchen


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May 30, 2006
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Baltimore, MD
I set this one up in my kitchen. Taken with the 20D/Tamron 28-75 at f2.8 and 1/125, natural light from the window. C&C always appreciated.

(click on the image for larger version)
wow i love the colors in this photo. you have beautiful walls!
nice shot. I would have liked to see the edge of the table dead on 90 degrees instead of the slight slope
Beautiful contrast and saturation!
Great the use of the window lighting here! Good job
Fantastic image! The colors are great and the lighting makes it pop. Very well done!
I love the colors, but, I'm gonna be a little bit mean:
- don't like the edge of the table (as John already said),
- don't like the sky's reflexion on the leafs. Makes the impression of a to big exposure. Maybe some polarization lens would been useful, or ... I don't know, you could wait till sunset, to get a softer sunlight.

good luck !!

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