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Apr 19, 2006
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Florida, USA
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This is the first thread I'm making that showcases any of my work. I am really proud of this photograph. I'm a beginner, and it all happened by accident! I really love it; I am so proud!

Thanks for any comments!


Click for a bigger photo.

Shutter Speed: 1/403 second
F Number: F/4.0
Focal Length: 12 mm
Isn't it nice when photos taken by mistake come out to your liking anyway? I like the way the one leaf "glows" in the sun, and the shadow of its neighbor behind it.

It would also be interesting to see this shot as a two different portrait-sized ones (vs. landscape), one with the left side cropped a bit, then one with the right side (sun) cropped. I think you could play around with this one and get several nice perspectives.

Rather good image, IMO. I think I would have cropped out a the sun, 'cause for me it ruins a bit of the idea.

I also second the idea of cropping a bit around, just to see what you get.

And you! Welcome to the board mate, good to have you here. :)
This I really like.. Agree about cropping the sun...I Love the shadow leaf over the other that you can see...
I think you've got a good eye for a beginner, its definately a shot to be proud of. I would tend to agree with the other comments; experiment around with cropping the image. Thanks for sharing (and making me jealous of summertime)
I like the golden fringe of the leaves and the shadows
Cropping the sun? but the sun looks great. if the sun wasnt there it would just be a photo of leaves. i think the sun's position in the photo is great as i for one deteste photos which have the subject in the centre.
Thanks so much for the nice comments, everyone! I think I'll experiment with it a little bit. :)

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