Bathroom Shots


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Dec 6, 2005
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Murphy, Texas
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Can't put my finger on it but the first one makes me feel like I'm watching a horror movie just about to get really scary. That effect in itself makes it a good photo in my opinion. I like it.

Are those big bugs in the second? eww.
Yep, both are creepy. Very creepy.

IMO, it could have been a little more left centered, 'cause there is a bit little space on the right side.
I really the damp and dingy of the first one and the second one is very funky too
I agree with usayit. No. 1 does have that horror move look. I really really dig it :thumbup: No. 2 made me go 'ewww', which is great :mrgreen:
The 1st reminded me of the film 'Fight Club' a bit dark and gritty. The second, well its cool, but not really my thing.
more balls than i do :hail: imagine if somone saw you taking photo's in that toilet :lol:

great shots tho i like the metal toilet in the 2nd, gives it that feeling :p
Great shots, they do look as if they've come out of a horror movie, or simply an english public toilet...

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