Battery Grip for the Canon 10d and 20d

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by GerryDavid, Dec 27, 2004.

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    I like the idea of a battery grip for which ever camera I get. I got one for my film rebel camera and it makes it nicer to hold. Also makes it look more professional.

    But what all does the grip do? My film rebel grip is like $60 new and the 10d and 20d grips are like $200us new so im wondering what makes it worth it, or is it just because of demand, they figure people that are willing to spend $1000+ on a camera will spend a couple hundred more for the grip. My film rebels grip doesnt have a wheel or buttons on it, other than the shutter release, and the 10d/20d versions have the wheel, metering mode and something else buttons, but that cant tripple the cost.

    From the basic pictures that offers, it looks like it plugs into the 10d or 20d into a battery type hole, but I thought the batteries for these cameras were more like a square, about twice as wide as this hole in the camera.

    And then theres more than one type of battery that you can use in both the camera and grip. Is there a benefit of using the one over the other? Ive also heard of a no name version that is like 1/3 or less the price but is probably created by the same company that makes canon's.

    I would go to a camera store near by to check this out in person but none around here carry either of these cameras.

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    The 20D and 10D grips have a shutter release so when you're taking picture with the camera on it's side, you can still the camera normally and the shutter is still in the upper right corner. As far as the 20D grip, it allows you to use standard AA batteries in the camera, or 2 rechargeable batteries which will give you twice the battery life.

    As far as I know, the 20D can take the batteries from the 10D, but the 20D's new battery is more efficient, lasting longer, but I can be wrong. Also, the grips add a bit of weight to the body, a great offset when you're hanging a fast telephoto off the front of the camera.

    Hope this helps.

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