Battery Grip with Back Button Focus


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Dec 16, 2015
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Has Anyone been able to find a battery grip that fits the D3300 that has the ability to use back button focus?

I want to get a grip but have not found one with BB yet.
You likely will not find a grip with anything other than a shutter release. This is due to the fact that the entry level D3xxx and D5xxx cameras were never designed to have a battery grip installed on them. The battery grip is simply a grip that slides in to the factory battery slot on the camera and provides a connection so that you can install two batteries in the grip. If you want to use the shutter on the grip you have to use a cable connected from the grip to the remote shutter release slot on the camera. There are no connections within the cameras battery area to support any switches on a grip.
I doubt it will have the firmware support for it.

In the bodies that have OE grips, it's something that you have to assign in the menus, otherwise it's just the AE-L button by default.
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If the camera won't back button focus without grip it isn't going to with a grip

It does back button focus. Just be a bit of a reach in portrait mode with a grip added. I am wanting a grip that has the back button in the same spot while the camera is turned

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