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Dec 15, 2005
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New Delhi
hi guys
well i have a problem here which i think someone here in the forum might be able to help me out with.....
i have this photo trek coming up next month and i am using a canon 350D.....
now the problem is that i have just one battery and max i can buy one more......but i am sure it wont last me 6 days(duration of the trek)....there wont be able place for me to charge the batteries....
is there any way that i can charge the battery without any electricity around?
i've seen chargers for normal point n shoot cameras where u have these things where u put in normal batteries into a unit and it connects to ur camera battery and it gets charged.....
and someone plzzzzzzz suggest me wat to do in this case......

thanku sooo much
I think if you get the battery grip you can put 6 aa batteries in it, not sure if there's a single nb2lh to aa pack anywhere though
thx alot tempra...
i am aware of the battery grip but cant spend that much right now....the trek is next month....thats the problm
anyone else has an asnwer to it...
ksmattfish said:
Buy more batteries (cheap at, or get a fully mechanical film camera.

I would agree with this suggestion - just take more fully charged batteries with you and l think that your problem is solved. The batts from Sterlingek are GREAT batteries and are extremely affordable.....check out their site.

Another vote for Cigarrette lighting adapter and SterlingTek.
Turn off the auto-preview feature, don't use the built-in flash, and shoot on single shot, and you'll probably get over 700 shots per fully charged battery.
some good suggestions in here about saving your battery...

.... i went on the same photography trek last year that kunal's going on this summer.....
i DID shoot a lot of film as well as run out my battery on the digital ( at that time my dslr was still new, and i was still getting used to it)
there will not be any cigarette lighting adaptors... it's all about walking in the wild, crossing rivers clinging on to your camers with your life( i came out ok.. only loosing my lens cap to the freezing fast flowing river while i was crossing it)! and being there shooting that... so well atleast 4 days you have to go without charging... so either buy a new battery or two incase you dont want to spend on a grip...borrow my cf cards or get atleast a few more if youre shooting raw, 1 card will not do...
OR i think your best bet would be... borrow my film camera again ;):mrgreen:
let me know:thumbup:

ps: only talking from the point of view of having attended the same photog trek and being in the conditions that you will encounter.
thx mansi....well i feel that the battery grip is the best option but let me see if i'll take ur film camera since i wanna shoot jus from canon....:-(
anywayz thanku all soooo much

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