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Dec 5, 2005
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Central IL
I'm wanting to order a tokina 12-24 lens for nikon. EVERYBODY is out of stock/back order on them except 'beach camera'. Anyone know anything about them? Reputable? Horrible? Any info will help. I have only ordered from B&H (religiously) and they are top rate, but I don't want to wait if I don't have to. I've heard some horror stories about online camera stores, and I don't want to be another victim.

Anyone have any experiences with them (Beach camera or

Beech most likely DOES NOT have it if nobody else does. They are the typical bait and switch photo store. Will charge you for the item right away and then later you will find out they had to order it.

I made the mistake of ordering from them 5 years ago for a Sigma lens. Twice they tried to get me to buy accessories for the lens ($179 for a cheap 2x extender, $79 for a no name uv filter). I wouldn't buy the accessories. I had to wait 5 weeks for a lens that was in stock according to them (phone order).

Unless you can walk in and buy it, stay away!

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