Beautiful or not?


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Feb 16, 2006
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I like stained glass, and like the challenge in photographing it so that all the depths of colour are reproduced faithfully. This piece was designed by the wife of the artist James McNeill Whistler. It has been called "beautiful". I disagree. What do you think? For more info go to

I love stained glass windows. This one does seem plain jane at the top. Guess they just carried the theme up.

What was the setup? I have not tried to take any pictures of any windows. Seems really dark inside.
Thanks for the comments benhasajeep and Jester. The setup was DSLR on tripod (it was very dark inside the curch), and -2 EV dialled in to avoid overexposure of the brighter areas. Then a fair bit of post processing to try and equalise the colour brightness across the window because the bottom was darker due to a tree and part of the building outside. Finally, some perspective correction and cropping. Some windows are easier than others. This was a hard one.

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