Beautiful Wasteland


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Jul 3, 2009
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Took this in Wyoming while shooting footage for an uphill motorcycle film called "Elevate 2"

Comments and Critique are definitely welcome!

I bet that is some prime real estate that was given to some Indian tribe in exchange for where they'd been living for the last thousand years.
It could do without the vignetting. I think it would look better. It is an interesting picture I wish you could have gotten closer in to capture a bit more detail.
Yeah, drop the vignette. This image may need to be blown up really big to really appreciate it.
I'm assuming this is cropped, I'd like to see a little more foreground to put the horizon on a third rather than near centered. It also seems a little crooked, but that could be an illusion. The colors and textures are beautiful though!
I really like it. The land is so unusual, and the sky/clouds a just pop out. Usually I like 2/3 sky to 1/3 land, but this 50/50 just works for me.

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