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Jan 5, 2005
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Syracuse, NY
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Ok so ive been gone for like a year.... I've been rediculous busy and neglecting my camera but I'm back now :)

Found this the other day, enjoy.



comments, criticisms and etc welcome as always.
Yes, you were away, and so were you photos ... don't do that to us again, will you ;). And hey, where IS the beaver? Do I only not look carefully enough?
Spring takes its time to arrive at your part of New York State, right? Well, the trees here in Germany are still this bare, too Spring is LATE this year, it is mid-April ... we usually see some green at this time of the year. But all the yellow of last year's grass and the bareness and bit of red of the birches go so well with the blue of the sky and its reflections in the water! All I miss is the beaver ;) !!
Ok so there is no beaver, I have misled you. But thats the beaver's house... the place is called rattlesnake gultch (big sign that says "DANGER, STAY IN CAR," i obey so well) so i wasn't about to wade in and look for him. Maybe it should be called "essence of the beaver," or something :)
That's ok, that's ok. And from what I hear, these beavers are "not to be disturbed" ... you should keep your distance, so I think Mr and Mrs Beaver appreciated your obedience to signs and your NOT-wading into the water to look for them ;).
are we sure their last name is beaver... not jones or something?
oh man..i like the view..but!

it's an aweful place to go with I hate places like that..I dunno if their is some insects on that place..


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