bee on cherry blossum


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Aug 19, 2003
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Missoula, MT
This is an older photo that I took with my Canon G3...I am currently shooting with an Elan 7e.
oh wow
that is really pretty
i love the lilac sky

gorgeous photo trbo the G3 a good camera? im researching and i want really good macro and ive been wondeirng about the G3..
that looks pretty damn good
I'm not much into macro photography, however I would rate the G3 as good. Here is another photo I took with it at the U of Montana:
I really enjoyed the intuitive control of the G3 and it always gave me great image quality.
I think there is too much going on in the first one. The bee just looks like part of the flower. The branches also get in the way. I like the color in the second one, purple and green colors, it almost looks candy like. But f4 or 5.6 which ever you shot at blurred out the flower on the left. My eyes want to look at the whole shot, but the flower on the left seems to bother my left eye. maybe just me. I think if you wanted to include the flower its should have also been in focus having only the green trees blurred, like how they are now. Say f 8 or f11 if possible. Focusing midway bettween the front left flower and the the back middle one.

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