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Discussion in 'Alternative Techniques & Photo Gallery' started by Saeid, Dec 12, 2004.

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    Ok i read a thread here about 2 days ago, and i've been looking for it all day and couldnt find it. The first post had a picture of flowers with water ripples visible on the entire print.

    I was wondering how they achieved that? And so my mind began to wonder... is this how they got achieved it?

    - Print you image normally.
    - Place into developer.
    - And take the tray that contains the developer and the print under an enlarger
    - expose light for afew seconds while agitating the tray.

    And so you would see water ripples visible on the final print after fixing!
    I was wondering if that technique is true? If so what can i do to get a sharper ripple effect. If not, how can i achieve that effect?
    Thnx in advance! :)

    P.s. If someone can post afew images with that effect, it would be greatly appreciated.
    P.s.s. Just that i mention im currently into B&W

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    Exposing the print in the developer would only fog it. The ripples on the liquid do not have enough density to print - they would only affect (slightly) how much the RI bends light.
    To get a ripple effect the best way is to photograph ripples, produce a thinish neg and sandwich it with the neg you are printing. You can, I believe, buy textured screens to print through to get the same effect.
    You might be able to do a double exposure with rippled glass....
    Or you scan the neg and use photoshop.
    Personally I think putting a 'texture' on a print is a bit tacky. I have yet to see one that was any good.

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