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Dec 15, 2007
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I know these are kind of snap-shottish but I wasn't sure where else to share them and since this is where I've posted thus far I figured I'd pop them up here.

I normally shoot with just natural light....BUT living in the NorthEast and being an on location photographer can be tricky so the only thing I asked for Christmas was a SB800. I've been practicing with it all day and think I may be getting the hang it! Ironically, the thing gives the best results when there is very little to no light as the shutter can be dragged and still freeze action. It's when there is too much ambient light to drag the shutter that I've been needing to practice at finding the right balance between shutter speed, ISO, aperture and flash exposure.

I snapped this tonight and was pretty pleased with it (please excuse the crappy composition and less than enthused subject..he really was a trooper all day but had had enough by this They were taken at night, in my dining room with a ceiling chandelier for the ambient light. I had the flash pointed behind me and up at a 45 degree angle so it could bounce off the ceiling. I know he has some pretty harsh color cast on his ears. You'll have to forgive me as my battery died so I'm not sure of the exact settings but I'm pretty sure they were right around..

ISO - 200
Aperture - 4.5
Shutter Speed - 200
Flash - iTTL mode w/ +1 exposure

Does it look too flashy? How's the conversion on the B&W?

Thanks in advance!



Congratulations on your new flash! I think you are definitely getting the hang of it-- it does not look 'flashy' to me at all.
Set your D70 onboard flash to commander mode with camera flash to -1 and channel to 3 and Flash A to +1 (the D70 will only talk to channel 3 flash A)

now set your SB800 to commander mode slave channel 3 flash A and set it off to the side a bit. (with my 600s there is a little stand in the case) you now have a main flash off camera with the on camera set as fill.

Its been a while since I shot commander with a D70 and I opted for 2 SB600s instead of one SB800 so I can't really tell you how to set the flash. (you push two buttons at the same time and the jaggedy arrow is the commander icon)

Oh I agree that the shot looks good, light is a bit flat but I think thats what you wanted.
It looks great to me. There doesn't appear to be any obvious flash at all.
Also, I don't think the photo is snapshotish at all. I think it looks great!
The color version looks great!:thumbup:

I think the B&W looks a little washed out in the face.

I love the color version.
Is this post processed? If so, can we see the original? That's the only way we'll be able to determine how well you really did. ;)

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