Beginner-i need help on buying a camera


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Aug 2, 2003
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Phoenix, AZ
hi i am looking at buying my first camera for amatuer pjotography i am going to take photos of animals in the wild and landscapes and i needed help on buying a camera i was looking at these models: nikon 65,
nikon 75, canon EOS Rebel xs-n, canon 2000, canon EOS Rebel Ti, Minolta Maxxum 3 date, and Minolta Maxxum 5 date, can anyone tell which you think i should purhcase or if you have another suggestion that would be great thanks
I bought myself a: MINOLTA DYNAX 5 with 28-80mm lense last week.

I'm very happy with it. It's easy to use (after you read the manual)
and has a lot of features you can play with.

For wildlife you might need a different lense though.
i bought Nikon 65, i was lucky it was on promo, it comes with two lens (28-80mm and 70-300mm) far so good...i just dont have a scanner yet to upload my pictures.

Hi there,
Just joined in here, sounds like a fun place.
I'm a beginner too, and am leaning towards the same set up, a Minolta Maxxum 5 with both a 28-80 and 70-300 lens (either Sigma or Tamron, any advice on the brand?).
Thanks a lot.

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