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Mar 23, 2012
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Hey guys,

So today I got to shoot with Fire at Will Photography with my friend's band, A Collegiate Affair. It was pretty cool, and fun, to see how a pro works. His handling of lighting was super exciting.

Anyways, I was just thinking... Are there photographers who specialize in photographing photographers?? I don't know how much of a niche it is, but a lot of photographers need promotional material and having another pro photograph them while at work could be pretty beneficial I think.
I suppose there might be, but I would think the demand rather limited; most of us know others in the trade who we could call on when that sort of thing is required.
I think you would be picking a very hard niche... because to make it worthwhile, you would need to be better than the photographer you were shooting! That might limit your options a bit....
If, for whatever reason, I needed to hire a professional photographer I would be far more interested in the work he produces than what he looks like while producing it. I could care less what he looks like doing his job as long as what he does is professional grade, and someone taking photographs of him at work is not going to show that.
I think I've gotten a consensus here :p I just think it's an interesting idea.
As I think about it you should choose a very strong niche with promotional stuffs, it will also help and work for that.

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