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Jul 7, 2003
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Portland OR USA
The gallery where I volunteer has a little corner where anyone can sign up to show their work for a week. So I have made it my goal to have a little show there at some point in the not so distant but not so near future. But because I am at a point where I don't really know where I want to go with my art, I couldn't think of what I would want to show, until I remembered that I have 13 rolls of behind the scenes shots from a little movie that my boyfriend and his friend are making and I thought that would make a fun show. So these are the prints I am working on. I think I will need to narrow it down more still. These are all color negs, but I am printing to black and white, as it goes more with the look and feel of the movie. Some of these scans are really bad, these are converted from the color scans that came with my prints. I am still working on my real prints, but would like to know what people think. Which ones would work best to show? Which should be cut if I don't have space for all, which I won't?


Rock star at the grave site
Director in the grave for a closeup
Sound check
Nothing went right today
Hold it right there!
The Mad Doctor
Robot Arm Prepares
This is kinda fun
Boom Mic
Getting into Character
Dramatic Lighting
Nice snaps all. However, ( ridiculously subjective opinion follows,) they seem more photojournalistic than artistic over all. I know, I know, who says one isnt the other. Not me thats for sure. But, thats the impression I get. If I were going to choose out of these it would be.

Hold it right there <-- best of the lot
Mad Doctor
Boom Mic <--- Second Best.
Getting into character.
girl, u got some good stuff over there, very dramatic .... I LOVE IT!!!!! :D

here are my choices ... sorry i couldnt narrow it down more :p

*rockstar at the grave site
*hold it right there
*mad doctor
*robot arm prepares
*boom mic
*dramatic lighting
Those are all freakin rad! Good work Orie. I think they would make a great gallery.

I worked at a coffee shop in downtown denver. It was in the "art district" of town, next to galleries, and the performing arts center. Anyway, we rotated artwork done by local artists and photographers. Your work, I'm sure, would have sold some prints.
I hope "Hold it right there" is supposed to make me laugh...I'm dying. Very cool work!!
Great idea babe
I love these!
nothin better than people doing what they love shots

These are my favourites

Director in the grave for a closeup
Sound check
Nothing went right today
Hold it right there!
Robot Arm Prepares
Boom Mic

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