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Jan 2, 2008
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I was wondering if there are alot of other full-time moms with small kids here? I have a 1 year old daughter

and a 2 and a half year old son

I love being a mom but it totally adds a challenge to photo taking. I have TWICE dropped my camera when attending to their urgent needs and when ever I try to spend more then 3 seconds taking a photo, they get upset. My daughter has taken to crying every time I pull out my camera when we are out and about. My son refuses to look at the camera now and has taken his spot at my side as my assistant (its actually really cute but forget getting photos of him).

On the up side, they make great subjects when they will allow me to photograph them

anyone else? When we are out I see alot of dads with slr cameras, alot of single people leisurely strolling while photographing the scenery. I have yet to see another mom out trying to set up a shot in 3 seconds while one kid screams in the stroller and the other insists on seeing the LCD scene in between shots.:blushing:
I have 19month old twins. My son is soo laid back, he doesn't care if I take pictures of him all day. My Daughter on the other hand is very spunky and has now decided that she isn't going to pose for me. She's been making it a challenge. I think I get better shots of her now though, because she isn't posing and I catch her being "natural"
My 3 year old runs and hides whenever i turn my cameras on. I have however given him my old point and shoot and taught him how to turn it on and take pictures with it. My 7 month old is probably one of the most photographed children in the world, i take between 100-500 pictures a day of my kids. He however is a total ham and loves to take pictures. So much that if he is crying, using the flash to distract him will start the smiles. :)
and my son always has to see the screen between shots too :)
haha that is totally how my son used to be when he was little. He looooved getting his photos taken until he was 2 years old. He would always pose for me which had its limitations in itself. He taught himself to use the p&s and cant keep his hands off of it. I wonder if he will enjoy photography when he is older.

Its so frustrating at times, because I am trying to learn. I want to be good, not professional, just good. But it is so hard to practice when kids are in tow.
I gave my four year old an older P&S and he's gotten quite proficient at shooting - really solid composition, everything else ok due to auto (obviously - I'm not about to explain Av to him.) The three year old wants a camera as well, so they're currently sharing. They don't like posing for shots, but they enjoy costumes... so no new costumes, masks, or hats without a photoshoot.

They baby doesn't give a s#!t, just poo.
They have digital cameras on the market made for kids...I was thinking of getting one but then figured if he could use a real one at 2, whats the point?
The topic specifically says "mom". But I'm not a mom, I'm a dad. 4 and 7 year old girls.

Everything being said in this thread is true for my girls as well. Every picture the 4 year old is spouting off "Can I see!!! Can I see!!!"

I bought my first digital in 2002. I was just a snapshooter (not that I'm any better now, but I'm trying to put thoughts into my shooting and learning about manual settings). At that time while my older girl moved through age 2-4, she was a ham and a poser. Every time she saw the camera, she would "pose" up against the wall.

Now, just bought my first camera with manual capabilities right before Christmas. It's not a dSLR. It's freezing cold outside and I'm a wimp about going outside. Thus, all my shooting is of the girls, but as soon as I have the camera in my hands, they are running away screaming, "Camera! Camera! Ruuuuuunnnnn!" It's become a game now to them, and me as well. I'm not shooting for good photos now as that is impossible. Now, I'm shooting to "catch" them as a game.

I can't wait until summer when I'm more likely to go outside and we travel around doing "summer things". My 7 year old also has a camera, a very nice but old Nikon Coolpix 880 that was given to her by my wife's aunt. She is having a blast just in the house with it, but when summer hits, I think she is going to really have some fun. I'll have to teach her about macro for the flower pics and get her out of program mode as well, maybe just into shutter priority so she can grab some interesting shots.

I gave my old camera, a 2 mp Fuji 2650, to my mother to see if she would like a digital camera. I'm hoping she will decide to buy one for herself so I can get it back for the 4 year old. That camera is full automatic only, so perfect for the 4 year old.

Mom (my wife, mom to our girls) could care less about photography. I can't even get her to use the zoom or to prefocus with the shutter button. And to the original poster, if you are saying here that you are a stay-at-home mom, then much respect to you from me. My wife is a stay-at-home mom as well and with my job, it is VERY frustrating and difficult financially, but the rewards FAR outweigh that by miles. So many parents ship the kids off for someone else to raise that it is getting very difficult to find others that the mother stays home to raise the kids. It's a very welcoming thought knowing there are other parents out there raising their kids themselves instead of daycare or the grandparents. Cheers to you for that!
hi there peeps.

i had the same probs with my son. he is 6 now and always turns away from the camera now, so i am lucky to get a good shot.

when he was younger it was so much easier.

i have started to gets lots of school photos now though plays, assemblies and sports days ect so at least i can record him as he grows up although not with the posed shots ha ha .

i work part time but my husband and i share the load.

we work our hours around our son so its either me or the husband looking after and spending the quality time with the son.

i fully stand by that grandparents are very important to the children but they should not be used as 'childcare'

the reason i say this is because lots of grandparents find it hard to say no and then it becomes chore not a pleasure when the granchild comes over.

and lets face it our parents have lives too, [or they should have]

looking forward to seeing some pics from the above posters.:wink:

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