Besides photography what else are u interested in??


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Jul 16, 2003
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Next to photography, I'm interested in music, movies and cars.

I've been a David Bowie fan for 17 years now, but I'm a bit bored with that at the moment. More into Billy Joel and Marillion now.
I still buy vinyl :)

Movies, best way to relax for me. I enjoy all sorts of movies expect
those about war or heavy drama.

Cars, well as you might have noticed by my username, I'm
very keen on Beemers. Next to Beemers I like Jags.

So what are you interests besides photography?

hmmmm, Metallica, computers, taking photos, pre-occupied with thoughts of motherhood, pop-up windows and Malboro menthol :lol:
Guess! :mrgreen:
wine, women, fattening french food, music, and my cats. i used to travel quite a bit, but lately have been focusing on my immediate surroundings.
Photography has been part of my life since I was a kid, & my only regret is that I didn't take enough.
Computers, music & keeping up with my ex-navy friends are amongst my favourite passtimes but the most time consuming & interesting activity since retiring 5 years ago is genealogy. Had I been told years ago that I would be spending so many hours a week delving into the past I wouldn't have believed it.
writing (yes i write poetry :shock:and id love to have a book someday, whether it be a book of poems, travel writing or photogrpahy book- ah i like to dream eh? )...
music(i cant play, but the one thing i do all day is listen to music, and the one thing i splash out on is gigs, so much so that i flew from sydney to london to dublin just to see u2)...
literature- big shakespeare lover and i want to go back to uni to study literature and writing...
clubbing(dont do it as often as i'd like)...
travelling(been to europe and my next big plan is the States)..
when i was a kid i wanted to be an actor, i soon realised i had to grow up and get an actual career so i gave up that dream but i still love anything to do with theatre and ive been a drama teacher.

chocolate ice cream interests me a lot
Wakeboarding, snowboarding... give me a board and i'll use it :) nice bike btw Conk seems to be a GT avalanche or zaskar no? uhh yes i did mountainbikecompetition too......
QP said:
Wakeboarding, snowboarding... give me a board and i'll use it :) nice bike btw Conk seems to be a GT avalanche or zaskar no? uhh yes i did mountainbikecompetition too......

It is an Avalanche. Z2 bombers, Lx drive train with Xt durrailers, Rhyino lites recently changed from Mavic 221's.
Nothing too great. I'm drooling over a Specialized Epic right now. :cry:
Yes i can tell it's my job .. i do the import for some bike brands too and i know Filip Meirhaeghe personally, please don't doubt about the Specialized EPIC it's a great one, no energy loss on climbing and makes the road smooth like a billiardsheet, really good bike, i had an Cannondale RAVEN 4000 (lefty, XTR, HOPE disc, Roox acc) myself but just sold it because my knee is broke .... :(
I think the Epic is the best one on the market right now suspension is MMMMMMMmmmmm like we would say!!!!!!! NIce to talk about biking on photoforum.... hang loose
When i'm not taking pictures or on working holidays to 3rd world war ravaged countries, i too enjoy pushing the pedals over on my trusty MTB. Also enjoy distance running, hiking, camping and reading autobiographies.
MODERATOR! Make him change that tag! I cant concentrate!

If I acctually tried to list all my hobbies and intrests here it would take a long time. The CURRENT ones are:

Rock/mountain climbing <--always
camping<-- always
Computers <--- Geek, gear head, nerd, yeah thats me.
My lovely wife to be, and all the things a woman is.
Light\occasional Pipe\cigar afficinado. <-- Thinking about that Baccarat I have stashed for the wedding night and wondering if I should ask first.

rollerblading, playing guitar, causingh trouble, being a pessimist...

I would almost have forgotten...... women...... :oops: ... we are healthy no? :D

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