Best cleaning kit?

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by silver163, Jun 29, 2007.

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    I been looking into purchasing my first cleaning kit, I looked at the visible dust but it costs around $165 which is way too expensive. Anyone can give me a good start or at least some cheaper alternative please?

  2. Sorry, Visible Dust is my recommendation. Arctic Butterfly and the various swabs and solution are a perfect combination.

    See if you can swing it, I know there's a lot of cheaper versions for almost everything in life, but do you really want to learn a lesson inside your camera?
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    I think this very much depends on taste.

    I keep my sensor perfectly clean with a Speck Grabber ... does not cost much, but it is a bit more work though than with some of the other products.

    First I clean the speckgrabber with a lint free cloth soaked in alcohol.
    Then I "touch" those areas of the sensor with it, where I have seen some dust on my images... wohaa, gone they are!

    If I am too lazy, or for the all-around cleaning once in a while, I just do it for the whole sensor (repeatedly touching it with the grabber) and just do an out-of-.focus test shot at f/22 afterwards.

    I even do this out in the field (e.g. a tent in the wilderness). No problems so far. Just make sure the speckgrabber itself is always clean.

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