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Best color backdrop for valentines day portraits?


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Jul 12, 2006
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Los Angeles
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I'm going to be doing portraits of couples at lunch during valentines day. Just a little quick mini studio set up out doors done in the style you get at lets say a dance.

What color do you think would look best?
Well I would say black or white but its not always an easy answer since someone might be wearing that color and then they would be washed out.
I think I'll go with white and just hope no one is wearing it. . . . It hasn't been thaaat warm recently so people will probably have some kind of sweater and those are usually not white. A lot of people how ever have black sweaters.
grey + light = white
grey - light = black

moral of the story? gray.
With the right tools and know how, you can make just about any background look like anything.

As you are doing it outdoors...it will be hard to limit the amount of light hitting it...so it might be hard to make it dark/black.

Also, all you need to make it a different color, is a light with a color gel.
I was thinking about using a gel but I doubt the flash would be strong enough to make it work outdoors in the sun. . .

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